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“A classic of the newspaper genre.” – Alan Rusbridger, Editor, The Guardian, writing in The Listener.

“The cretinization of the popular press – the replacement of gutter journalism by sewer journalism – is an enthralling story. This book is a rebarbative feast.” - Christopher Hitchens, Times Literary Supplement

“This is the funniest book of the year, perhaps of the decade… a revenge tragedy with the cast of the Carry On films.” - The Times

“The Sun is the rottweiler of British journalism… as this book most entertainly explains. A splendidly racy account.” - The Economist

“A story which social and political historians will not find easy to ignore… the Sun has become the purveyor of a kind of dark vaudeville.” - John Lanchester, London Review of Books

“A searing expose of one of the great horrors of our time.”- Auberon Waugh, |Sunday Times

“A devastating insider account of tabloid culture as practised by the Sun… The book graphically portrays the bigoted, foul-mouthed fantasy factory.” - Ray Snoddy, Hard News, Channel Four

“Editor Ate My Paper! How Kelvin turned a man into a sponge! The True Story of Gotcha!” - Review Front, The Sunday Correspondent

“A vividly memorable account, simply as a critical history of The Sun it won’t be beaten.” - Matt Seaton, Literary Review