I was researcher and assistant producer on this amazing London Weekend Television special investigating the possibility that the former head of the security service (MI5) - Sir Roger Hollis - had been a Soviet agent throughout most of the cold war. This was the central allegation contained in the banned memoirs of MI5 officer Peter Wright in his book Spycatcher.

The book - and the subsequent trial - was the news story of the year and director Mark Redhead used the format of a reconstructed court-room trial to sift the evidence.

The show was presided over by a high court judge, and starred the barrister Micheal Mansfield who put the case for the defence. I had the role of briefing Mansfield - an extremely interesting and rewarding task in its own right. The programme was filmed in the London Studios in real time, and a staggering six hours of highlights were broadcast by the London ITV franchise LWT over the easter bank holiday weekend.

Mark Redhead went on to become one of the UK's most successful drama producers - his credits include Murder of Stephen Lawrewnce and Bloody Sunday.