INNOVATION IN NEWS – Nico Macdonald, founder of Media Futures and chief executive of the Research and Development Society.

Areas of Innovation

Example of new types of platform – VOX. The example of the back story of Syrian conflict.

Telegraph team John Hill – gallery of soldiers who had died in Afghanistan. Could not have done before, and had an innovative interface.

New York Times – Snowfall. Re-animation of the story, with multimedia and interactivity. Expensive to do, but widely copied and taken as a benchmark.

FT coverage of Leicester City story. Data visualation, avoiding the problem of ‘chart junk’. Example is a simple regression analysis in graphic form.


‘Big Data’ – the Panama papers – Kilm. A graphics specialist company, Duncan Clarke. Taking the data but with a new interface, from a flat graphic page.


Showing connections – but this is 15 years old graphic idea, no perfected ‘who do they know’?


Other doing snapchat style delivery of news Quartz. A younger audience.


Broadcast examples? Time based media – woking with the Z axis. Layers of information in graphic form over the top of sports coverage for example. For 3D television – ambition but not yet proven.


Reuters – TV News – reinvented.


David Edgerton, Imperial college – rethinking innovation in media.


Above is a few starting points for discussion.