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    “Laugh. This searing and utterly brilliant expose of tabloid television made me guffaw and wheeze so much I nearly collapsed from hyperventilation. This is the funniest book I’ve ever read, perhaps the funniest book ever written…” - Val Hennessy, Daily Mail

    “Hilarious is an over-used adjective, but chunks of this book reduced me to fits… but besides being funny it makes a point to which our cultural Cassandras might incline an ear: even in a lightly regulated market, dumbing down is not necessarily a bottomless slippery slope.” - Matthew Parris, Sunday Times

    “Engrossing and achingly funny.”- Brian Viner, The Independent on Sunday

    “A comic classic of Fleet Street lore to rank alongside Anthony Delano’s Slip Up and Horrie’s own book on the Sun, Stick it up your Punter.” - Andrew Billen, Evening Standard

    “A breathlessly racy read… fascinating.” - Peter Fiddick, Broadcast

    “Chris Horrie’s classic Stick it up Your Punter dished up the dirt on the Sun. Now he’s back, tracking its colourful former editor at his new TV station.” - John-Paul Flintoff, The Independent media section (review front)

    “News Bunny! How a cuddly toy saved a TV station” - front page serialisation Night and Day magazine, Mail on Sunday.

    “The book rattles along, rendering the highly complex world of international television deals with a sardonic and humorous eye, but it becomes really funny when the channel gets on air.” - Paul McCann, Independent, book of the week

    “Simon and Schuster (publishers of Live TV) have had a cracking start to the year… this weekend the Mail on Sunday begins serialising Live TV by Chris Horrie… ‘it is like Fear and Loathing in tabloid TV land,’ said one insider.” - Horace Bent, The Bookseller

    “Live TV never knew what hit it when Kelvin MacKenzie rode in. As a new book reveals, the ex-Sun editor proved a terror in the studio.” - Review Front, Guardian Media Section