The other side of football was a series of documentaries developed as a proposal by Diverse Production for Channel Four. A series of programme headings were designed to explore corrupt dealings in the transfer market; match-fixing and he bribing of referees, and issues relating to the sale of television rights - one of the issues that later exploded as part of the FIFA corruption scandals in 2016.

Diverse assembled a top team to develop the project, including Danny Cohen who worked as a researcher on the project. Danny had a stella career at Diverse and Channel Four where he went on to become Head of Documentaries at Channel Four, Controller of BBC 1 and BBC Director of Television. Ed Crick, later the head of programming at Red Bull television, also worked on the project.

The football series did not get made, largely because of legal and logistical issues, but the research was used as the basis for my book PREMIERSHIP, a comprehensive and acclaimed examination of the negative trends in modern, televised football (for details, see the books section of this website).