At Westminster I lead the re-launch of Broadcast Journalism Training Council and Periodicals Training council postgraduate training courses at Westminster, making use of the internet and online journalism well before the turn of the century, leading the industry itself in many of these developments.

After changing the curriculum, magazine journalism students at Westminster won the Periodicals Training Council’s prestigious magazine of the year prize for their project work and many have gone on to have spectacular careers in news, magazine, online and television journalism.

The Broadcast Journalism Training Council wrote in their annual inspection report that work produced by the students was “very impressive” and “of a very high standard”.

On the teaching of online journalism they added: “Online journalism has assumed a more important role in the delivery of this course each time we have come here. The online framework for the delivery and the support it now offers to students is exemplary.”

Under Chris’s leadership the MA journalism at Westminster won the BJTC’s Bob Atkins Prize for Innovation in Teaching for two years running (2005 and 2006). In his citation, the BJTC’s secretary wrote: “Because of the huge changes taking place in the broadcast and journalism industries, it is important that we recognise institutions that are embracing the convergence of the two disciplines. Westminster continues to catch the eye with its innovative courses at the cutting edge of journalism training, and they set down a marker for the delivery of such courses in the future.”

The inspectors added: “Multimedia developments have been to a large extent led by Chris Horrie who for much of the last academic session was seconded to the BBC college of journalism where he developed a prototype online real-time newsroom simulator. A fully developed version of the simulator now forms the core of the BBC college of journalism’s activities.

Under his leadership Westminster is now regarded as one of the leading players in multimedia developments in both broadcast and, as it happens, internet and periodical journalism”

While he was at Westminster Chris also began to develop a curriculum for the National Council for the Training of Journalism (NCTJ) for the delivery of online, magazine journalism and what was then called multimedia journalism training, whose development officer described the course, especially in its approach to multimedia journalism, as "outstanding".