JASON WALSH – Paris Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor

JASON WALSH – Paris Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor

Does innovation in journalism exist? No.

Technological innovation does take place, otherwise innovation just means doing more with less – cost cutting. News becoming a never ending scroll of nonsense. Technology will not save journalism.

Why is journalism no longer profitable. Nobody will pay for anything. The influence of the press is declining, and this is because of changes in the political culture – the decline of the idea of the free individual (from the enlightenment).

Popular epistemology – that is what journalism is. Journalists have no role in social improvement. Not crusaders. Role of the press is to give reliable information, and to be observer.

Press is read by non-actors, and public life is dominated by an elite. The financia press continues to thrive, and the technical press. The general press has information of low value, the turning of the world has become an irrelevance to most people.

The real innovation needed for journalism, can’t be brought about by journalists. It is a social question. Managerialism means people play only a small role in their own lives.